The Great Siege of Chester

The Great Siege of Chester Tour starts from the Visitors Information Centre at the Town Hall Square, Northgate Street, Chester. We'll take you on a 350 year old journey of intrigue, treachery and violence as the very future of England is fought over – to the death!  Most pivotal Civil War locations within the city walls are included in the tour, the key buildings, the city walls, the streets, the pubs where Royalist troops drank and the defensive cannon redoubts set up to protect the City against the Parliamentary Army's murderous siege. You'll see where the city walls were finally breached and stand at the very spot where King Charles stood as he watched his Royalist army at the battle of Rowton Moor, just outside the city walls.


Our guides will paint a vivid picture of the grim reality of living under siege conditions in the mid 17th century. How did the average Cestrian survive when everyday supplies were cut off? What did they eat? How did they dispose of their dead? How did they keep the parliamentary forces out – and who finally prevailed in this fight for the City of Chester?


Please book your tour by clicking ths link Tour Duration: 60 approx minutes.


Click here for Google Map information on Siege of Chester starting point.


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