The Battle of Rowton Moor Tour

Rowton Moor Battlefield Tour: The battlefield of Rowton Moor is located just outside the city walls and has changed little since the battle in 1645. The tour starts at the Black Dog Pub at Waverton ( CH3 7PB ) and takes you to the main area of engagement on Rowton Moor, a small piece of countryside spilt between the villages of Rowton, Waverton and Christleton. This is where the bloody battle proper took place with no quarter asked – or given!


The day-long battle consisted of a series of vicious engagements - and eventually of headlong flight of the vanquished. Our guides recreate the terrible unfolding story, we visit the heroic rear-guard actions, the site of hand-to-hand fighting and the final resting place of the slain....


It's a Tour that is both compelling and fascinating for anyone interested in the history of our nation - an absolute must see!


Minimum Group Size of 10 people

Please book your tour by clicking this link  Tour duration: 80 minutes.


Click here for Google Map information on Battlefield Tour starting point


.........Out in the fields, harvest moon shining,

The long grass still whispers, of days that have gone.

Memories of muskets that rust in the hedgerow,

The battle they fought, on old Rowton Moor......




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