The 17th Century is one of the most exciting and momentous periods of English history. It's a seminal episode in our national path to democracy and representational government - a century that shook the world like no other and its democratic ripples can be felt today.
We bring HISTORY to life, using such subjects as Drama, Music, Art to tell the historical stories of the past, we ensure that regardless of a child's learing styke, each and every child get a chance to really learn. We use period .
We offer a series of interactive talks and displays on 17th century subjects such as The Gunpowder Plot, The English Civil War, The Trial and Execution of the King, The Restoration, The Great Fire of London,The Plague and a Civil War Local History Session exaimining the Civil War History of your own locality
We offer either a full day or half a day, preagreed planned workshop at either your school or college or on one of our tours. Prices for these can be supplied upon request.
The Chester Civil War Company complies with the guidelines detailed within the national curriculum.
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