Ed Abrams, MD of the Chester Civil War Tour Company

During the English Civil War, the Royalist-supporting citizens of Chester endured a lengthy and bloody siege imposed by Parliamentary forces. Outside the City walls, the savage battle of Rowton Heath would have a pivotal impact on the war for everyone concerned.


It's a fantastic story, hard-wired into every street and period building within the City walls. It is our belief that every visitor and resident of Chester deserves to know the epic struggle between King and Parliament that happened right beneath their feet.....

Chester Civil War Tours - Company History

Researching the role that the City played in the English Civil War, history graduate Ed Abrams decided this was an epic tale lost in time - but one which, even today, has profound consequences for everyone! Ed decided to do something about it - and the Chester Civil War Tour Company was born!

Ed Abrams BA (Hons) MD,

Chester Civil War Tour Company

50 Toll Bar Road,


Chester, CH3 5QX


Phone: 07877 247335

E-mail: info@chestercivilwartours.com




Vivienne Derricutt BA (Hons) (Assistant Principal),

Chester Civil War Tour Company

Phone: 07564 255870

E-mail: info@chestercivilwartours.com


Chester Civil War Tours

50 Toll Bar Road



Phone: 07877 247335 / 07564 255870

Email: info@chestercivilwartours.com


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