We invite you to the most momentous episode in English history.... The 17th Century and the English Civil War - including Chester's pivotal role in it.


The whole of England was locked in a desperate fight for the very future of England herself! For the Parliamentarians, the military genius of Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army pitched headlong against the Royalist forces of the Stuart King Charles I in the bloodiest war in the nation's history.


The epic struggle between elected democracy and the absolute power of monarchy pitched brother against brother, father against son and town against city...... and that includes Chester!


It's September 1645, and after three years of bitter conflict, the English Civil War is reaching its decisive climax. In a last, desperate bid to keep the only port in England still loyal to the King in Royalist hands, Charles leads a large force in an attempt to break the parliamentary siege of Chester.


From the Phoenix Tower on the City walls, King Charles I watched as his forces, commanded by Marmaduke Langdale prepared to engage the besieging Parliamentarian forces at the Battle of Rowton Moor..... Can the King's forces route the Parliamentarians and lift the siege of Chester? Will the Parliamentary forces prevail and wrench the strategic City of Chester from the King's grasp?.....


….Find out what happens with Chester English Civil War Tours!

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